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Immanuel is a 20 bedroom facility located in Oak Glen, Bellville. The facility is designed to provide all patients with the feeling of home within an environment where health care and support is very important.  

Staff and training 

 The support staff received additional training in the handling of different illnesses with specifically an high focus on Altzheimers disease. Four teams of carers works around the clock with a qualified nurse that oversee all actions including issuing of all medicines. 


Rooms and facilities

All rooms are monitored via CCTV cameras to ensure that our patients receives the high level of caring they deserve while providing piece of mind to family members that their loved ones are cared for.

There are two four bed bedrooms and four three bed bedrooms. Where required, patients can sleep on hospital beds or on normal beds.  Patients are allowed to put some of their own furniture and pictures at their beds to make them feel more at home.



The facility has a lightly equipped kitchen where small meals can be prepared. All main meals are prepared offsite to minimise the risk of contamination.

The kitchen has standard equipment such as a refrigerator, microwave, hotplate and kettle that can be used by all patients.


 Patients have access to a sitting room where they can be visited by family members or watch television. The dining room area is used for meals.  Many of the activities such as puzzle building and handwork are also done in this area.  






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