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At Elleo it is important that residents do not stay in their rooms, but to participate in the activities. Many residents is unwilling but as soon as they here the laughter they join in all the fun.

Table Mountain

Our Table Mountain visit was one of our very special projects.  We went up with the cable car and had a very interesting time and a beautiful view.  Many a tourist assisted us with all the wheel chairs.



Bloubergstrand is always a huge event that we sometime do when the weather is right.  We visit the beach and eat ice cream.



Exercise is an important aspect of our routine.  Stretching and exercising the muscles assist with mobility and all the other advantages of regular exercise.


Annual Christmas Party

Every year we have a Christmas party with a visiting singer and nice Christmas songs that we sing together.  Afterwards we have a nice braai with all the nice Christmas food and music.


Social Braai Events

From time-to-time we have social braai events where family and friends can visit and braai together.


Bingo days

Every second Monday is Bingo day.  The action and excitement of winning a price usually cause a lot of fun.


Mandela Day

Participation in the activities of Mandela Day is a big thing.  Sr. Yolanda and Liana usually dress up for the occasion.


Charity involvement

Everybody assist with charity events including the personnel!  We supply sandwiches to Sarmie Mommiez.  Everybody who can still operate a knife are involved.



Visit to concerts

When the opportunity arises we visit senior concerts with the neighbouring old age homes.


Tyger valley

Our visits to Tyger valley is always a favourite.  Everybody do their shopping, fit new clothes and if we lucky, watch a movie.